We’ll make owning investment properties more profitable and less stressful.

We’re investors, too. It’s easy to understand how frustrating the process of acquiring assets and renting out homes can be. Getting investment properties to perform better is something we’ve done personally and professionally. We’re bringing our skills and expertise to other investors in the markets we serve, with the hope that we can make the industry better. We have high standards for full-service property management, and you should as well.


Acquiring and managing rental property is stressful enough without having to keep a contact list of the different people holding the tools and resources you need to succeed. We keep it all in one place. With Atlas Property Management, you get help with acquisitions, leasing, maintenance, and management.


When you need to prepare your property for the rental market, make some upgrades, or turn the asset over from one tenant to the next, we will leverage our in-house teams, vendors, contractors, and cost-effective solutions to quickly turn your property.

Explore Our Cities

We serve the Kansas City Metro Area, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Columbus, OH.

Are You An Investor?

Owning rental property can be profitable and lucrative. It can also be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where to find a tenant, how to draft a lease, or what to do when a tenant doesn’t pay rent. Out-of-state investors face even deeper challenges.

Atlas specializes in working with professional investors, syndicators, and real estate funds. Our mission is to use our expertise and experience to make every owner's real estate investment an excellent and profitable endeavor. Talk to us about your investment goals. We’re listening.

What Our Company Can Offer Investors Like You

When we say we’re a full-service property management company, we really mean full service. We’re here to help you through due diligence during the acquisition process, we have the construction team to handle any repairs or rehabs, and we have the leasing expertise to get your property listed and cash flowing. You get a single point of contact who will manage the entire lifecycle of your real estate investment. We take care of everything.

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What People Say

Grant R

Colin is on top of the construction rehab of the projects. The projects are going well and we have renters with better than expected rents.

Geordy R

Colin and his team at Atlas Property Management have been absolutely invaluable resources for my Kansas City real estate investments. I can say with confidence that I would not be able to own and operate my out-of-state portfolio without his assistance at every step of the way. Atlas Property Management has the systems in place, the maintenance staff, and most important of all, the “hustle” to get things done.

Logan F

I trust Colin and his team with all of my GC and PM personally, and with my clients. not only does Colin understand how to manage and rehab effectively, he is an investor himself and therefore will make sure your purchase aligns with your goals. oh - and by the way, he's great at finding cash flowing deals. he's a yield chaser, just like me!


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How Atlas Property Management Helps Investors Enhance and Maximize Their Investments

The Atlas Standard Rental Finishes have been designed to help investors enhance and maximize their investment. This is done by helping to reduce maintenance and turn over costs. Click down below to find out the combination of standard set of materials that have proven to look good, function well, and tolerate wear.