No one knows how long the COVID-19 pandemic and working from the home situation will last. And maybe during this time, you may have found that you need to change your habits and routines to make working from home a success. And od course each of us faces unique challenges because our lifestyles and the type of work we do are different. However, many of the main challenges we face as telecommuters are the same, although a lot of these situations will feel similar or the same. So keep reading to find out how you can stay at the top of your game while working from home.
Take a portion of your liveable space and decorate it as a workspace. Because when you will sit in this space, your brain will receive a clear signal that it is time to focus on work. The mental association you create between work and office can make you more productive, so do whatever you would do to get ready for office work, by putting on nice clothes, setting an alarm, making yourself a cup of coffee. You can also create multiple accounts with different toolbars in your internet browser so you can keep your home toolbar separate from the work toolbar.
2.Getting Ready For The Day.
You can find many people and maybe you know a few, who wear pajamas while working remotely. As changing clothes is something that most people don’t worry about when they work from home. But if you want your day to be productive, take time to go about your normal morning routine, shower, get dressed and if you prefer to do your hair and makeup, do it, even if it’s just for you. Just because you’re not commuting to work or going to the office doesn’t mean you should skip your work preparations. Also, try to stick to a schedule, as it is easy to lose track of time, and if you can’t maintain your typical work-life balance, you can easily burn out.
3.Stay Connected.
If your work requires you to work in a team, remember to stay connected with your colleagues on the regular basis, just like in the office. Set up regular checks by phone or video conferencing, using Skype or Zoom where you should talk about yesterday’s work, today’s tasks, obstacles, etc. Inspire, encourage people, but make everyone accountable and let them know that they are part of the team, that way people much more likely to do a great job.
4.Get Outside.
When taking a break or some time off, instead of opening social media, take breaks to get away from your computer or phone. Take tea breaks, lunch breaks and if will not take breaks, you will find yourself exhausted by the end of the day. Take time to refresh the mind by not working monotonously, as a fresh mind will help you become more productive and active. In this case, having some fresh air and natural light is refreshing and immediately uplifting in busy work schedules. Go for a walk or hang out with other people who may be in the house, listen to good music, read your favorite book, or take a quick walk around our neighborhood as you right find that it will work wonders for your productivity when you’ll return to your computer. The main goal here is just to relax and to feel more motivated to work when you return to the table after a break.
5.Working With Kids.
Depending on how old are your kids, it could difficult to get the job done if you have children at home. To solve that challenge successfully, make sure to make a plan ahead of time and have some flexibility. It may not be the best choice for your family with social distancing advice, but if you have someone to help you, by taking turns supervising the children and working. Or if you have flexible working hours, you can try to do the work while your child is asleep, early in the morning or at night. Or you can try time-consuming projects like puzzles, legos, etc. as fun toys and games that kids haven’t played before will keep them entertained for longer.
Maybe your workload includes various tasks such as project management, team, reporting, administration, etc. And you may find yourself having a lot of work and a lot of deadlines to finish in a short period of time. Which all of this build-up of stress can lead you to the fact that the work is carried out unproductively. Where you will end up feeling more anxious, stressed, finding yourself not able to perform well and you may not want to work the next day. So make sure to separate tasks and manage one chunk of it at a time for more efficient works, so you won’t have everything in your head and you can focus more on your work in a more productive manner.
As mentioned before, everyone has a different situation, so take time to find out what works best for you. Sometimes the answer could be in front of you and sometimes you may need so inspiration, motivation, or information from your friends or colleagues who are in the same boat.